Happy new year!

Hey everyone,


First of all, a belated happy new year! It's good to be back, and over the painful hump that is January!

So, as a lot of you are no doubt on a bit of a health kick at the moment, I can proudly announce that our fermented, probiotic-rich Kombucha is now ready and in full flow. There have been some extremely good and tasty second fermentation experiments, especially with hibiscus (it may well be the best mixer I've ever had). The break we had over the Christmas holidays allowed for a fruitful brewing period, which we can now all enjoy in store.

Rooibos tea and decaf coffee have been selling especially well as everyone cuts the caffeine out. It's great then that we've been serving a new arrival from Clifton Coffee Roasters, their Colombian sugarcane, decaf never tasted so good!

We are also now always selling decaf as retail for you to make your own coffee at home, as well as our seasonal espresso blend and weekly filter offering. This week we are selling two new coffees, one from Astrid Medina in Colombia, and a lovely Ethiopian from Hunkute Endama. Come in and try them next to each other and then buy a bag for home.

On top of all this, we are fully stocked again with retail teas from Postcard, matching our whole range that we serve instore. And we've also added matcha lattes to our extensive tea offering, which have been developing quite a following. Healthy and delicious, come and enjoy one with soy, almond or regular dairy milk.

Don't be too cold now.


Til next time,



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