Hey everyone,


We're very happy to be blogging again here at Kin after what has been a very hectic few weeks!


At least we can now say that the miserable months of January and February have come to an end, and we can now start looking forward to warmer and lighter times ahead, well we hope anyway!


In this food-dedicated post we have decided to talk about something that we're all big fans of and have been for a while, that being the glorious Kimchi!

For those of you not in the know, Kimchi is a fermented and spiced seasonal vegetable dish from Korea, and is known to have 180 varieties across the nation. Currently the dish is eaten throughout much of the world in its many incantations. Though in the West, it's generally known and enjoyed in its chili spiced fermented cabbage form. 


In Korea and its varying climates, the spice, saltiness and vegetable components of this dish differ greatly. Seasonings include brine, scallions, spices, ginger, chopped radish, garlic, shrimp sauce, oyster sauce and fish sauce. Vegetables include cabbage, scallions, radish and cucumber. Owing to the spread of chilis through the international spice trade, Kimchi is now predominately spiced with chilli pepper. Such is the importance of Kimchi to Korea and its people, that the American military was warned not to let the South Korean soldiers serving under it run out, due to the detrimental effect it would have on their morale.


Kimchi's flavour is strong, spicy and sour, therefore desirable in itself and as an accompaniment to many foods. Its merits are not due only to its flavour but to its inherent health benefits. The many probiotics found in Kimchi aid the balance of good bacteria in the gut and encourage healthy digestion.

In light of all this, Kimchi will be found as part of our food offer here at Kin in the next few weeks, provided our many experiments find favour. We feel this to be a great addition to the many probiotic items already being served by us, such as raw apple cider vinegar, Kombucha and tempeh.


Watch this space for updates on our Kimchi experiments and other such further developments...


Til next time, 



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