Rhubarb - Health benefits and our new(ish) juice!

Hey everyone!


We've been out of the blogging game for a while whilst our new website's been getting built, but we're back now!


We recently introduced our new juice, and we're pretty excited about it. It is simply apple and rhubarb, made with organic apples and really incredible, tart, organic English rhubarb. The stuff is really beautiful, and makes this juice reminiscent of a creamy, delightful pudding whilst being very healthy and light. We just wanted to write a quick post on the health benefits of this beautiful plant and give you some insight into why we’ve chosen this incredible vegetable for our new juice. 


When deciding on a new juice at Kin, firstly we always look at what is in season. This has such a major effect on the quality of our juices, as there are no additives whatsoever, and what you see is really what you get! We work with Langridge Organic, who work with local, organic farms all over the UK to supply restaurants and cafe’s like us with beautiful, fresh fruit and veg. They update us monthly and even weekly sometimes with what is newly in season, or what is available during the year. Next up, we think about balance. It’s always important to us that there's a level of acidity in the juice, or something that brightens it up. For this, we typically like to use lime, lemon, ginger or in this case, rhubarb. Finally we taste test it to work out the best measurements, or fruit to veg ratio, making sure all of us agree that it's delicious.




We think rhubarb is truly an amazing ingredient. Below are a few reasons why you may want to incorporate it into your everyday life...


Weight loss:  Rhubarb is one of the least calorific vegetables available in the UK. 200 grams of rhubarb contains less than 50 calories, and is known to influence the metabolism in a positive way, increasing the rate that the body burns fat.  


Heart disease: Rhubarb contains almost no fat and cholesterol, posing no threat to cardiovascular health whatsoever. It contains dietary fibre, which is known to assist in the deterioration of excess cholesterol from the walls of blood vessels and arteries.


Digestion:  The high amount of dietary fibre found in rhubarb can almost guarantee a healthy digestive system. It's been traditionally used to cure constipation, but only recent has been recognized for having such powerful properties.  

Bone health: Rhubarb is excellent for bone health as it contains high amounts of vitamin K.  Vitamin K promotes osteotropic activity, meaning that it stimulates bone growth and repair. Rhubarb also contains calcium and other bone-supporting minerals making this vegetable very worthwhile when dealing with bone health and support.


So why don't you come on down and give our juice a try, after all, it can't be bad for you ;)


Til next time...



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