Kombucha is in the building!

We are thrilled to announce that, after a lengthy and complicated brewing period, we are finally serving up our own homemade Kombucha here at Kin!



There is a lot to say about Kombucha, and as we've been watching our baby do its thing,

ever scared it will die, or a little worried it might kill, say, a customer or something; we've

been reading up on it a lot, checking the fermentation process, checking questions from

customers about it, so we can answer them etc etc.


So heres some stuff we've learnt...


The first mention of this mushroom tea goes back to 221BC in China, its translation being

"tea of immortality". This says a lot; it's meant to be good for you, and not necessarily



My intentions for the Kombucha are to stay as close to home brewing and the traditional

practices surrounding it. This produces a tart, naturally carbonated vinegary tea. It's full on

in flavour, it's unfiltered (there are "bits" mate), and it's fermented to the point that it fizzes

in your mouth; very much an acquired taste. So is there "a spoonful of sugar to help the

medicine go down"? Yeah it's called sugar mate, but that's bad now ain't it, unhealthy like.


Fermenting the tea less also results in a sweeter drink, because it literally is sweeter, the

SCOBY hasn't eaten it yet, so therefore it isn't as healthy. Some companies add fruit juices

to the product, adding evil fructose sugars. On top of this they are usually pasteurised,

therefore revoking all the probiotic cultures and goodness, which is this drink's raison d'aitre (Charlie

what do I mean here? I can't spell it). I personally don't have a problem with flavours

being added after the brew method (this can help "the medicine go down") but if anything

in any way takes away from its health benefits, then for what reason are we making it other

then to exploit the health buzz around it, only to squander the very reason there is one.


In my own research I have been trying different brands and checking their labels. Many of

the things I have spoken about above are exactly the kind of thing that goes on in this new

multi-million dollar industry of Kombucha. And it's rather sad that people try to make a buck

out of stuff just to dilute its purpose. I can assure you that we haven't been doing this at Kin, nor will we be doing this in the future. So come in and have a chat and join this journey with us, there is much to learn.


Til next time,



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