Kombucha truly is the Trendy super food of 2015. So after enjoying it ourselves we thought we would brew it in-store to share with you!


So firstly, what is it? Kombucha is a fermented tea drink. The ingredients are simply tea, sugar and bacteria, called a mother or SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) The bacteria turns the sugar into carbon dioxide and alcohol - this what gives us the vinegary fizzy tea beverage.


The drink dates back roughly 2000 years, originating from the east. There are many different names for kombucha from Korea, China, Japan, as well as the Asian side of Russia. "Kombucha" itself is a mis-translation based on a japanese seaweed tea first recorded in only 1991 to define the fizzy fermented tea that concerns us. Anyway, this is what we will call it.


So what are the Health Benefits? Most people claim that it aids digestion, but  People have pretty much said it cures anything you could think of, however not much, if anything, has been scientifically proven. So lets just enjoy it for the taste (which is great) and hope 2000 thousand years of tradition provide something more [insert bad christian joke]


So come in over the next week to observe all of us nurturing our cultures in store, just ask for peek and we will gladly show you our bacterias. and when its ready we will let you drink it

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