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Hey everyone!


So there has been a bit of buzz around one of the drinks we offer here at Kin. The ‘hot drinking vinegar,’ which seems to catch everyone's eye on our drinks menu. Most people are quite skeptical at first and question it with, ‘what is THAT,” or “is it nice?” Now, from experience, it seems to us that once you try it, you’re hooked. The drinking vinegar does truly taste amazing with brightness from the apple cider vinegar, warming spice from the ginger, and raw, organic honey to round it out with a pleasant, sweet aftertaste. It is served hot and best compared to a sour & sweet lemon tea by customers.


So why are we drinking vinegar? To give you some background, vinegar which means, ‘sour wine,’ is basically the fermentation of any carbohydrate. In this case it is that of apples. Vinegar is made through a long and tedious fermentation process, where the outcome if the vinegar is rich in bioactive components giving it high antioxidant, antimicrobial and other beneficial properties. During this fermentation process, the bacteria grows on the surface of the liquid and slow grows over the entirety of the time. During this time, a non toxic compound composed of yeast and bacteria is formed. This is known as the ‘mother.’ The ‘mother,’ of the vinegar is a stringy, cobweb like amino acid based substance which is found in raw and unfiltered vinegar. So if purchasing vinegar for your own use, make sure its the murky kind that states that it contains the ‘mother.’ The presence of the ‘mother,’ is crucial for experiencing the health benefits that we speak about here.


A few health benefits of apple cider vinegar we will briefly list below:


Promote heart health, aid in weight loss, cure sinus congestion, cure sore throat, prevent indigestion, prevent acid reflux, help with skin irritation, assist in GI stress, lower cholesterol and blood pressure.


We believe that vinegar is really amazing! Aside from ingesting it, its also useful to brighten hair and prevent dry, damage. It minimizes acne and aids in psoriasis and eczema, is useful as a natural cleaner and can act as a natural deodorant as well. If that's all too much for you, we can understand! Still, come by Kin to try this slightly strange yet wonderful drink and make sure you let us know what you think!


Til next week!


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