Back to our coffee!


Hey everyone,


After finally getting through our new tea range, this week it’s time once again to focus on coffee!


The new seasonal EQ mk.VII espresso blend has been on for a while now in Kin but without introduction, so here it is.


This blend comprises of one Central American and two African coffees. The biggest component being the Finca La Bolsa from Guatamala (50%), then the Makena Estate AB from Kenya (30%), and last but not least a beautiful natural coffee from Ethiopia’s Galena Abeya (20%).


What we really love about this blend is that it delivers all the acidity, fruitiness and complexity that third wave coffee aficionados love, but with a thick, caramel biscuit and milk chocolate base that everyone goes crazy for. In my 6 months at Kin, this coffee has well and truly spoken for itself, rather than me speaking for it (before you say it Charlie, I know I have a problem, but hey man that’s just me! Accept it, I can’t stop going on.... as you can see!). When I have deemed it unwise to engage with a customer (when they just want their coffee and nothing else), they have taken two steps, had a sip, stopped, turned, smiled and then asked me about it, so well done Clifton!


So to talk about this coffee, the first word that comes to mind is balance; where it has acidity it has sweetness, it has fruit, it has base, all in heaps. Expect flavours of caramel shortbread, pomegranate, cherry cola and almond to hit those tastebuds.


Another thing we’ve been meaning to tell you about, if you haven’t already noticed, is that you can now buy this coffee from us to make and drink at home. Yes that’s right, we now have two beautiful retail shelves placed just across from the coffee machine (see pic below). I’d say we stock most of Clifton’s range of seasonal blends and single origin espresso and filter coffees, available to purchase in snazzy retail bags, so you know where to go for your Clifton fix! We’ve also included our two best-­selling green teas from Postcard Teas on our shelves, packaged in adorable tea caddies, so come down and have a peruse…


Til next time

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