Introducing our new Oolong and Pu-erh teas



Hello everyone,


Again it seems best to talk about tea (there is a lot to get through!), and this week we will be talking about green tea's two related darker cousins.


Firstly I would like to introduce you to, for the time being at least, our only Oolong on offer (it was the only one that really blew us away). It would be a good time to note that Oolongs are where our very own (if you're English that is) black colonial teas derive from, and though they are not "black" teas, they are roasted rather than fired or steamed, as are green teas.




Mr. Hsieh produces this tea on his one acre farm in Ming Jian, a well-known tea producing town in Nantou county (Yi Mu roughly translates as one acre in mandarin). We preferred this tea to Mr. Hsiehs other offer for its toasty flavours, and the difference in its processing is exactly that, it has been given more charcoal during the roasting process. The aroma of this tea is astounding, a mixture of stewed and candied fruits but the taste for us at least was one of nostalgia... kind of popcorn-y and beautifully sweet.


And secondly we would like to introduce you to, Pu-erh. This essentially is a fermented tea and is generally drank in the winter to restore spirits. Traditionally it's made in large cakes and takes quite a long time to make, as demands went up for this tea when China became wealthier, traditional techniques could not meet increased demand. A new, quicker process was developed in order to keep up. This became it's own thing in itself, "cooked". This tea has notes of sweet liqourice and and deep, earthy tones. It also contains natural statins, get a load of that mate ;)


That's all for this week folks, hope you enjoyed reading! Next time we'll be talking about some of the tasty new coffees we have in store.


Til then,



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