Introducing a few of our black teas: Assam, Darjeeling and Beijing Breakfast!


Hey everyone,


Hope you've been enjoying this marvelous weather ;)


This week will be the last in our series of posts focusing on our new Postcard Teas range. Here we shed some light on the teas we know best (or at least think we do!), black teas.


We’ll be revealing more about three of our black teas, the first being…




This most definitely is a "new" assam. This is the first Assam tea available in Europe that’s both grown and processed on small farms. What usually happens is that the tea would be grown on a small farm and the passed onto a larger plantation for treatment.


This tea is sweet, fruity and robust; delicious with milk or simply on it’s own!


Secondly we have ..




This one originates from Darjeeling Town, India, which is considered by many as the real deal. It’s grown across 432 small farms averaging 1.5­2 acres each, something quite unique in the field.


What’s interesting about this darjeeling is the farms’ polyculture; where oranges, peaches, taro, ginger, black cardamom, carrots, bitter gourd, squash, mustard greens, sweet potato, avocados, pomelo, carrots, corn, turmeric, beetroots and guavas, amongst other fruit and vegetables all grow together; thus creating a sort of tea Garden of Eden effect, really quite special.


This tea is light and refreshing, perfect as a refreshing afternoon beverage.


Last but by no means least…




This black tea heralds from China rather than India. It is from the famous Taoist mountain Laoshan, in the Shandong Province, the closest tea producing area to Beijing itself. It’s produced using various natural, bio­farming techniques.

This tea has an amazing toffee aroma and a maltiness reminiscent of oats and breakfast cereal. We offer this tea in two different styles, brewed just off the boil in a pot to take with milk, and also much like a green tea, stronger and shorter to really show off what it has to offer.


Until next time folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed the read!



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