Homemade cold brew and iced teas now available!


Hey everyone,


It's been a while since our last blog post, but here we are again!


In the spirit of this summery weather we've been having (excuse the sarcasm), we're thrilled to now be offering our own homemade cold brew and iced tea range.


Our iced Earl Grey is brewed overnight and served over ice with dehydrated lemon and mint. As well as our classic iced Earl Grey, we are also serving an iced white tea reminiscent of stone fruits and vanilla, an iced green tasting of lovely fresh grass, and an iced hibiscus tea tasting of floral tones and sharp exotic fruit.


For our cold brewed coffee, served over ice and with dehydrated orange, we are currently using Clifton Coffee’s ‘Chelchele’. Hailing from the Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia, which is known to produce clean and refreshing coffees, we thought it would be perfect to try using our cold brew method. The results have been everything we hoped for and more. As well as the refreshing tea-like qualities we were hoping to harness, we have found notes of cocoa and mixed berries. Please do come down and try it for yourself if you haven't already.


The last few weeks have seen the arrival of what is probably the best decaf we have ever tasted. Made near Kerala in South India, the Seethargundu Estate decaffeinate the coffee using naturally occurring carbonised water. This gentle process sees that the subtle flavour compounds are left intact, so we aren’t left with the papery results we so often are with most decafs. We've found a wonderful abundance of plums, chocolate and molasses when tasting this decaf!


In our next post, we'll be divulging a little on our latest range of specialty teas, which should make for an exciting read!


Until then,



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