March 1, 2016

Hey everyone,


We're very happy to be blogging again here at Kin after what has been a very hectic few weeks!


At least we can now say that the miserable months of January and February have come to an end, and we can now start looking forward to warmer and lighter times ahead, well we hope anyway!


In this food-dedicated post we have decided to talk about somethin...

February 2, 2016

Hey everyone,


First of all, a belated happy new year! It's good to be back, and over the painful hump that is January!

So, as a lot of you are no doubt on a bit of a health kick at the moment, I can proudly announce that our fermented, probiotic-rich Kombucha is now ready and in full flow. There have been some extremely good and tasty second fermentation exper...

December 15, 2015

Hello everyone,


I hope you're all having a great festive period!


So, firstly a bit of an update regarding Kombucha and how it's going on that front here at Kin. It's been a pretty steep learning curve. We've had a significantly large batch die, which was sad, and concerning the lag time in making the tea, I didn't plan to make enough tea to keep up with de...

December 1, 2015

We are thrilled to announce that, after a lengthy and complicated brewing period, we are finally serving up our own homemade Kombucha here at Kin!


There is a lot to say about Kombucha, and as we've been watching our baby do its thing,

ever scared it will die, or a little worried it might kill, say, a customer or something; we've

been reading up on it a lot, check...

December 1, 2015

Hey everyone!


We've been out of the blogging game for a while whilst our new website's been getting built, but we're back now!


We recently introduced our new juice, and we're pretty excited about it. It is simply apple and rhubarb, made with organic apples and really incredible, tart, organic English rhubarb. The stuff is really beautiful, and makes this juice...

October 22, 2015


We’re all obsessed with soup at the moment.  We’re eating it every day, and loving it.  The weather has really turned now, and it truly feels like Autumn.  Everyday, we find ourselves craving heavier, warming meals.  Roasted root veggies, starchy and rich soups, aromatic stews and food of the naughtier variety.  So how do we stay fit and healthy during the qui...

October 13, 2015


Today at Kin we featured our fennel & potato gratin. We’re very excited to be introducing this dish as it is very moorish and really gives us a warming, Autumnal feeling. You probably have noticed that it's gotten colder in the past few days and days are crisp and chilly. Our menu is adjusting slightly to keep up with the changing weather and we will be introd...

October 12, 2015


Kombucha truly is the Trendy super food of 2015. So after enjoying it ourselves we thought we would brew it in-store to share with you!


So firstly, what is it? Kombucha is a fermented tea drink. The ingredients are simply tea, sugar and bacteria, called a mother or SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) The bacteria turns the sugar into carbon dioxide...

October 8, 2015



Hey everyone!


So there has been a bit of buzz around one of the drinks we offer here at Kin. The ‘hot drinking vinegar,’ which seems to catch everyone's eye on our drinks menu. Most people are quite skeptical at first and question it with, ‘what is THAT,” or “is it nice?” Now, from experience, it seems to us that once you try it, you’re hooked. The drinking...

October 2, 2015


Hey guys!


The season is changing (although with the current weather you'd think we are in the height of summer!), which means a whole bunch of new fruit and veg to cook with at Kin.  Seasons end is always an exciting time for any food-focused business, and we’re feeling especially positive about food coming up at Kin!  We have enjoyed the bounty that summer ha...

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